Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Venera 4 - Eidôlon [12", LP]

The EIDÔLON album by VENERA 4 is definitely one of the best shoegaze albums of 2015. Very danceable for most parts as well. It's got wailing guitars, sexy rhythms and ditto whispering vocals. Think of a mixture of Curve and Charlotte Gainsbourg. You only have to listen to songs like Red Blooms and Black Paws as an example, and you'll understand what i mean. Brilliant stuff. I was already stoked about their Seabed Terror 7" and Deaf Hearts EP, but this full length meets all expectations. Also the artwork (front, back, insert) by singer Morgane Caux is classy. This limited edition on white vinyl was pressed in 500 copies. Hopefully they'll do some touring this year because i'd love to see them over here in the Netherlands. It's not that far from Paris, guys - hint, hint ;)

Label: Requiem Pour Un Twister RPUT 15
Year of release: 2015

01. Pygmalion
02. Red Blooms
03. Black Paws
04. Eidôlon
05. 3 Studies For A Portrait

01. Aimer Ann
02. Orange
03. Some Girls
04. Colored Fields
05. Metal Shells

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