Sunday, 19 April 2015

Daughter / Warpaint - Split EP [12"]

This split 12inch for Record Store Day 2015 was already announced way back in November last year. Both bands have a mutual admiration and re-worked one of eachother's songs, while the original versions are also included. So on side A there's DAUGHTER's song Winter, which WARPAINT turned into a enjoyable dance track. Although i must say i still like the original better in this case. Since the other side has its own artwork, i thought it'd be good to show that here as well:
Feeling by Warpaint was transformed by Daughter into a gentle chillout tune, which is never too far away from the original. Definitely a great remix, and this alone was well worth the purchase of this pretty limited 12inch: only 500 copies were made.

Label: 4AD BAD3452
Year of release: 2015

01. DAUGHTER - Winter (Warpaint Remix)
02. DAUGHTER - Winter

01. WARPAINT - Feeling Alright (Daughter Remix)
02. WARPAINT - Feeling Alright

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