Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Slowdive - 5EP [12"]

While i had the remix edition of this SLOWDIVE 12" in my possession for some years already, i only recently got my hands on the original version of the 5EP. Even though released in the same year as the Souvlaki album, it's pretty different, and paving a way for the band to release the more experimental Pygmalion album. There are drum computers involved and it's overall very electronic; one could say it's the missing link between dreampop and ambient techno. And even though i'm a sucker for loud guitars and therefore like their older work better than this, i must emphasize that i consider the sad Country Rain, with the slide guitar and Rachel's soothing vocals, as one of the best Slowdive songs ever made. Extremely glad i finally have this EP on vinyl now.

Label: Creation Records CRE157T
Year of release: 1993

01. In Mind
02. Good Day Sunshine

01. Missing You
02. Country Rain

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