Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Swervedriver - I Wasn't Born To Lose You [12", 2LP]

The new SWERVEDRIVER album I WASN'T BORN TO LOSE YOU was released a couple of weeks ago and ever since i've been eagerly waiting for the vinyl edition to appear. But here it is, and what a great album it has become! Definitely top 10 material for my yearlist. The band is completely back in shape, as if time stood still and as if there aren't 18 years between their previous album 99th Dream and this instant classic. It's got that typical Swervedriver feeling: lazy and summery vibes on one side, but with so much power and totally kicking ass on the other. Right from the start when you hear the intro to Autodidact you recognise it's Swervedriver. I've written it before: i really hope they'll play on the European mainland (and preferably Holland of course) soon. The vinyl has two bonus tracks that don't appear on the CD version: Dub Wound was the B-side to the Deep Wound 7" from 2013, and Days is the Television cover that was on the B-side of the Setting Sun 7" which was released for Black Friday 2014.

Label: Cobraside/Cherry Red CSDLP 1186
Year of release: 2015

01. Autodidact
02. Last Rites
03. For A Day Like Tomorrow
04. Setting Sun

01. Everso
02. English Subtitles
03. Red Queen Arms Race

01. Deep Wound
02. Lone Star
03. I Wonder?

01. Dub Wound
02. Days

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  1. I ordered this record from australia, a purple vinyl copy.
    But the coloured vinyl records are not the two LP version.