Monday, 13 April 2015

Bowery Electric - Bowery Electric [12", LP]

Last weekend there was the April edition of the Utrecht recordfair, so the next few weeks there'll be plenty of blog entries about items i've bought there. Even though my wantlist is still quite substantial, i rarely come home with anything from that list lately. The stuff i'm looking for is just too rare, i guess. Nevertheless i always bump into loads of things that are not on that list, but simply too irresistible to let them stand in the crates :)
Anyhow, this particular self-titled LP by BOWERY ELECTRIC was actually on the list and i'm extremely happy i found it. I would've settled for the black version, but it's even the blue vinyl edition that i found. Just like for Beat, the second album, i've been looking for this self-titled debut for ages. Mid-nineties slow paced shoegaze of the highest quality, with just as many drone, post-rock and ambient elements. Excellent album!

Label: Kranky KRANK 007
Year of release: 1995

01. Sounds In Motion
02. Next To Nothing
03. Long Way Down
04. Another Road
05. Over And Over

01. Slow Thrills
02. Out Of Phase
03. Drift Away

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