Thursday, 30 April 2015

David Bowie - Heroes / Helden / Héros [12"]

This 12" is a nice score from the recent Utrecht record fair. I was already on my way out, when i spotted this DAVID BOWIE maxi in the crates of a stand that was selling everything for half-price. And since it was very reasonably priced already in the first place, i now got it for a real bargain. The only reason i was actually interested in it, was that it contains the French version of the song HEROES: HÉROS. HELDEN, the German version is much more common. I already had that on a compilation album called Rare, for example. And while the German version is already quite horrible when it comes to David's foreign language skills, the French one is even worse :) Nevertheless a great find and a very welcome addition to my Bowie collection.

Label: RCA PC 9821
Year of release: 1977

01. Heroes/Helden

01. Heroes/Héros

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