Saturday, 21 February 2015

Venera 4 - Seabed Terror [7"]

This SEABED TERROR 7" is the debut release by VENERA 4, a band from Paris. It came out in 2013, a few months before they released their Deaf Hearts EP. Only 250 numbered copies were made. I must confess i only discovered this band a few weeks ago when i saw a video of a song of their upcoming album Eidôlon, which immediately got me hooked.
The A-side of this single is an uptempo catchy song which reminds me a bit of bands like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Crocodiles, while Sun on the B-side is a slow one that comes closer to My Bloody Valentine, but also especially Curve. It's been ages since i heard a new band sounding (slightly) like the great stuff that Dean Garcia and Toni Halliday made in the early nineties, so i've got a weak spot now for this French quartet. I can't wait until Eidôlon gets released.
The video of that new album that got me hooked, in case you wonder, was Black Paws. Check it out if you've got some time. Not only is it an amazing tune, but also the video itself is great. Morgane and Annabelle are as charming as Miki and Emma were in the Lush videos back in the days. Hope they'll do some international touring to promote the album, because i'd love to see them on stage some day over here in the Netherlands.

Label: Requiem Pour Un Twister RPUT4
Year of release: 2013

01. Seabed Terror

01. Sun

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