Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Spectres - Dying [12", LP]

The good thing about playing music from vinyl, is that you normally play albums from start to finish, like they are meant to be. Not just single tracks, and certainly no shuffle play. DYING by SPECTRES is one of those albums that you definitely need to hear, or actually experience is a better word, from the beginning to the end. It's a captivating trip through melody and sheer noise. One of the most intriguing albums i've heard in a long time. Another benefit that you have when you play it from vinyl, is that you'll be getting at least some time to breathe while flipping the record from side A to B. At the same time you want to put on that B-side as quickly as possible, because it's calling for you like a Siren. And once you've done it, you're sucked into it right again. Everything culminates in the last song, the grand finale Sea Of Trees, with a noise intermezzo that comes closest to the so-called "holocaust" part of the live version of You Made Me Realise by My Bloody Valentine, if you've ever seen that band on stage. Where MBV can extend that to 15+ minutes, Spectres (at least on record) knows exactly when they should return to the melody. And even though the artwork might look disturbing at first sight -certainly in combination with the title- it's really not much more than a hairy unshaved guy with his mouth open in a swimming pool, when you look closer. Very smart. The first pressing fits really well to the cover art by the way, with its smoke coloured (clear/black swirl) vinyl. An amazing album and i'd be very surprised if it would not end up in my yearlist of 2015 by the end of this year.

Label: Sonic Cathedral SCR090LP
Year of release: 2015

01. Drag
02. Where Flies Sleep
03. The Sky Of All Places
04. Family
05. This Purgatory
06. Mirror

01. Blood In The Cups
02. Sink
03. Lump
04. Sea Of Trees

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