Friday, 13 February 2015

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - What's Holding You? [7"]

This fine 7" is one of the things i bought last year when i was in London at the 10th anniversary party of Sonic Cathedral, one of the best and most sympathetic indie labels of our time. WHAT'S HOLDING YOU? is a single off the Chambers album by LORELLE MEETS THE OBSOLETE, a psych band from Mexico. The A-side has a groovy and furiously pounding riff that really sticks to your head after only a few seconds, while the non-album track on the B-side is a bit more of a raw but gentle psychedelic tune. Definitely a nice little blue coloured gem, this single! And for me personally a treasured souvenir from an amazing weekend in the UK last year.

Label: Sonic Cathedral SCR063
Year of release: 2013

01. What's Holding You?

01. Medicine To Cure Medicine Sickness

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