Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Smashing Orange - Not Very Much To See [7"]

Came across this 7" by SMASHING ORANGE recently for a cheap price and i decided to take my chance and buy it, because i liked the other 7" i have by this band. And just like with the other single, i wasn't disappointed. Pretty cool shoegazy guitar rock. Noisy stuff, and just like on the other single, wah pedals all over the place again on the A-side. Not in an annoying way though. While NOT VERY MUCH TO SEE has this typical early 90s groove, Collide on the B-side is more uptempo and for that matter has more in common with for example Sonic Youth, than My Bloody Valentine. A cool band that existed in the first half of the 90s, and definitely worth checking out if you never heard of them.

Label: Ringers Lactate RL 03
Year of release: 1991

01. Not Very Much To See

01. Collide

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