Saturday, 21 February 2015

The December Sound - Silver Album [12", 2LP]

By coincidence i stumbled upon the vinyl edition of SILVER ALBUM by THE DECEMBER SOUND recently. I had this album digitally already for quite some years (it came out in 2007) and i've been playing it regularly ever since. But apparently in the meantime it has been released on vinyl by French indie label Cranes Records, back in 2012 already. Why didn't i know that earlier?? If i'd known i would have instantly bought it. I consider myself lucky because it's only been pressed in a small quantity of 500 copies, and Cranes' webstore still had it available.
The album is a great mix of shoegaze, noise and psychedelic music. Definitely recommended if you like not only the obvious My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus And Mary Chain, but also The Brian Jonestown Massacre and A Place To Bury Strangers. It's hard to say which tracks i like best, because they differ so much from eachother, but Never, Drone Refusenik, Painkiller and especially Truth Hurts are definitely among my favourites of this album. And compared to the CD, the vinyl edition has an untitled bonus track as well. Really happy that i have this great album on vinyl now!

Label: Cranes Records 04
Year of release:2012 (album originally released in 2007)

01. Never
02. No Heaven Like Hell
03. Drone Refusenik
04. Do You In

02. Reminder
03. 月 の 音 12

01. Maker
02. Il Forte
03. Kill Me (Before I Kill You)

01. Truth Hurts
02. Tape Tape
03. Not If It's On Your Time
04. untitled bonus track

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