Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ride - Leave Them All Behind [7", Promo]

Last weekend i've visited the bi-annual record fair in Utrecht again, and this 7" by RIDE was one of my best crate digging finds there. It's a pretty rare Spanish promo for the song LEAVE THEM ALL BEHIND. Both the A and B side have the same lengthy (album) version of the song, by the way.
I'm so excited that this great band will be back together for a tour in spring 2015! There were already rumours that it was going to happen for quite a while. I actually heard it first when i was in London to see Slowdive getting back together in May this year, and i promised to myself i'd make a similar trip to the UK in 2015 if it would happen. But since they planned a show in Amsterdam i can simply hop on the train to see them over here. Bloody brilliant! After My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and now Ride, who else would i like to see getting back together? I'd say Lush, although i'd perfectly understand in their case that the reason for breaking up might perhaps be still valid for not getting back together anymore again. It would be different anyway. So perhaps Chapterhouse would be a nice alternative.

Label: Warner Bros. 1503 
Year of release: 1992

01. Leave Them All Behind

01. Leave Them All Behind

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