Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Dead Horse One - Without Love We Perish [12", LP]

Finally time to write something about this fantastic album WITHOUT LOVE WE PERISH by the French band DEAD HORSE ONE. The reason it caught my attention was that i'd heard that it was produced and mixed by Mark Gardener. Mark is an artist i truly admire for what he did with his band Ride back in the early nineties, and also more recently when i saw him at the Sonic Cathedral anniversary party earlier this year in London he still impressed me a lot with his performance. So i was really curious what he had done with this band from France that i'd never heard of before.
Well... the sound is absolutely brilliant! It's a perfect mix of shoegaze and neo-psych music, with a very lush and summery vibe to it. Maybe it's because they're from the deep south-west coast of France; surfers' paradise. If i'd have to name 3 bands that come to mind when listening to this album, i'd say Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dandy Warhols and Ride. It simply is really good stuff. It's hard to choose a favourite track, but when i look at my ipod, i see that i've have been playing both Raven and I Love My Man the most. Nothing beats a vinyl though, and after quite some hassle to get my hands on a copy i finally found it from a distro on Discogs! A shame though that the sleeve of this limited release (only 300 copies) is of such thin quality cardboard. Nothing the band can be blamed for of course, but you'd almost think that's why the label's called A Quick One. Music-wise however, i think it might just end up in my top 10 list of this year!

Label: A Quick One Records
Cat.nr.: AQO LP86
Year of release: 2014

01. Hopper
02. I Love My Man
03. Raven
04. By My Side

01. Never Be Your Lover
02. Undone
03. Blackwood
04. Teen
05. Wicker

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