Sunday, 30 November 2014

Loop - Fade Out [12", LP]

This LOOP album is another find from the Utrecht record fair last weekend. FADE OUT was their second album (of only three, not counting the singles compilation The World In Your Eyes and a Peel Sessions LP), and the only one that was still missing in my collection. Just like Heaven's End and A Gilded Eternity this album's packed with psychedelic repetitive space rock. Great stuff. Recorded at Blackwing Studios, about which i wrote something a few months ago. The original release was in 1988 on the Chapter 22 label, but this is a 1992 reissue on the Reactor label. Limited edition, grey vinyl. Extremely happy that i bumped into this album on the last day of the fair when it was sold for less than half of the normal price.

Label: Reactor REACTOR LP4
Year of release: 1992 (originally: 1988)

01. Black Sun
02. This Is Where You End
03. Fever Knife
04. Torched

01. Fade Out
02. Pulse
03. A Vision Stain
04. Got To Get It Over

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