Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mogwai - Record Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. [12"]

Listening to Teenage Exorcists on RECORD INDUSTRY 3. FITNESS INDUSTRY 1. i wonder why MOGWAI didn't put this great song on Rave Tapes. Apparently all three new songs on this EP's A-side came from that album's recording sessions. Together they show exactly how diverse this amazing band's music is: a catchy rock song, a cinematic instrumental track and a post-rock tune (also instrumental) that builds up slowly until it ends in a bombastic noise explosion.
The remixes on the B-side are also pretty decent, especially the Nils Frahm remix of The Lord Is Out Of Control which is actually really good. I just realised that i saw both him and Mogwai at this year's Best Kept Secret Festival. Stunning performances, by the way.

Label: Rock Action ROCKACT89
Year of release: 2014

01. Teenage Exorcists
02. History Day
03. HMP Shaun William Ryder

01. Re-Remurdered (Blanck Mass)
02. No Medicine For Regret (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
03. The Lord Is Out Of Control (Nils Frahm Remix)

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