Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Bloody Valentine - Glider [12", Unofficial]

A strange bootleg/counterfeit version of the GLIDER EP by MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Not only does it contain the four tracks of that EP, which are for the occasion not spread over two sides but are all four appearing on side A; but it also contains the four tracks of the Tremolo EP on side B.
The artwork though is purely taken from Glider - so on the back you'll clearly notice that this is not the original EP. However it doesn't mention the name "Tremolo", or the fact that it contains "bonus tracks" or so:

All in all, a pretty weird release. The sound is a bit thin as well, but hey; what'd you expect of a bootleg? A nice addition to my MBV collection of course. I believe i bought this one in the same shop in Stockholm as my Slowdive "Blue Day" counterfeit.

Label: Creation Records [fake] CRE 073
Year of release: ? (original release of the EP was in 1990)

01. Soon
02. Glider
03. Don't Ask Why
04. Off Your Face

01. To Here Knows When
02. Swallow
03. Honey Power
04. Moon Song

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