Thursday, 17 December 2015

New Order - Music Complete [12", 2LP]

Since i decided that this album would be #1 in The Finest Vinyl of 2015, it was obvious that NEW ORDER's MUSIC COMPLETE needed to be written about on this blog. Until now, i haven't been really inspired however to do so.You can find many reviews online and in printed media, and the bottom line is that they all say that it's a great album, even though their signature bass player Peter Hook is not part of the band anymore. I can only agree. I actually think it's the best release they did since their Technique album. Personal favourites are dancefloor filler Plastic and their go at italo disco Tutti Frutti. The artwork is great as well, and looks like it's inspired by Dutch painter Mondriaan and the art movement De Stijl that he belonged to.
As you can see on the picture i have the limited edition clear vinyl. Looks great and sounds even better.

Label: Mute STUMM390
Year of release: 2015

01. Restless
02. Singularity
03. Plastic

01. Tutti Frutti
02. People On The High Line
03. Stray Dog

01. Academic
02. Nothing But A Fool
03. Unlearn This Hatred

01. The Game
02. Superheated

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