Monday, 28 December 2015

Gang Of Four - To Hell With Poverty [12"]

A while ago i was at a Hacienda-inspired dance party, and TO HELL WITH POVERTY was one of the killer tunes they played there. At that moment i just knew i had to have this song on vinyl, to play in my own DJ sets. It's such an energetic song. Totally shows where James Murphy / LCD Soundsystem got his sound from over 20 years later, for example. I have a few GANG OF FOUR albums, but this song only appears on a 7" from 1981 and the "Another Day / Another Dollar" EP from 1982 which are not really easy to come by. It also appears on this remix EP from 1991, however. The disc contains a house remix that sounds pretty dated, and an instrumental version of that remix, but also the original version - and that's what i was looking for. So when i saw this particular 12" on Discogs for only a few euro including postage, i couldn't resist buying it. One of my least rare, yet best purchases of the past months.

Label: EMI 12EM172
Year of release: 1991

01. To Hell With Poverty (The Loaded Remix)

01. To Hell With Poverty  (The Loaded Instrumental)
02. To Hell With Poverty  (Original Version)

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