Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Swervedriver - Setting Sun [7"]

Always great to hear a sign of life by a band like SWERVEDRIVER. This 7" single was released for Black Friday 2014 and is the first release since their 2008 single The Hitcher. A few days ago they announced they'll be releasing a brand new album this year, so i'm much looking forward to that. Both the A-side song SETTING SUN and Days (a Television cover) on side B are laidback tunes that remind me a bit of Buffalo Tom and Lemonheads. But most of all the remind me of Swervedriver, so that's a good sign. Hope they'll throw some more effect pedals in on the album, and i'm a happy man.
The centre labels are not corresponding with the sides on my copy (they're mixed up), but looking on Discogs i saw i'm not the only with that problem. Looks like the whole pressing had it.

Label: Cobraside CSD7 1404
Year of release: 2014

01. Setting Sun

01. Days

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