Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dead Horse One - Heavenly Choir Of Jet Engines [12"]

DEAD HORSE ONE is a band that has been around for a while, but which i only discovered last year when i picked up their copy of Without Love We Perish. That album even ended up in my Top 10 of 2014. And i can tell you that if i would have known about this HEAVENLY CHOIR OF JET ENGINES EP in 2012 already when it came out, i surely would have bought it back then. Amazing stuff, in the same vein as their follow-up release. All four songs are great, but if i'd have to pick a favourite i'd say He Goes Down. The EP is limited to 200 copies and comes with a CD version included.

Label: Cranes Records 05
Year of release: 2012

01. Alone
02. He Goes Down

01. To Pretend
02. Cruel Winter

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