Sunday, 12 October 2014

Spitfire - Superbaby [12"]

The song SUPERBABY by SPITFIRE was on a Indie Top 20 CD (Volume 13, to be precise) that i bought in 1991, and i never came across anything by them ever since. Of course there are many bands around with the same name, but this particular Spitfire never really got big outside the UK and Superbaby was their biggest hit. Just like the other two songs on this EP it's a groovy psychedelic garage rock tune with loads of wah pedals and guitar solos. The EP was produced by Steve Mack, the singer for That Petrol Emotion. Found it in a great indie store called Delicious Goldfish in Solna, Sweden some time ago.

Label: Eve Recordings EVER5T
Year of release: 1991

01. Superbaby
02. Sunflow

01. Wombchild

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