Thursday, 9 October 2014

Newmoon - Invitation To Hold [7"]

A couple of weeks ago i came across this band called NEWMOON. I can't remember where exactly but it was at some blog or online zine. There was a link to the song 'Aria' on Youtube and it just blew me away. So i did some further research, found their Bandcamp page where i saw that they had an EP out called INVITATION TO HOLD, and then i found out that it was released on 7" vinyl as well. Needless to say i had to have that! So i ordered it and today it arrived for me. By now i know the three songs by heart, but still i've been playing them over and over this evening. So good! Especially 'Dwell' on side B is a favourite. It's shoegaze-influenced post-punk, somewhat comparable with bands like Whirr or Nothing. And the good thing is: they're from Belgium! Means i'll hopefully have a chance to see them live on stage somewhere in the near future here in Holland. The artwork of this little gem is really cool by the way, and is done by Nick Steinhardt who also did Deafheaven's 'Sunbather'. As you can see on the picture, my copy is pink. There were 1000 copies made of that colour, and another 1000 on yellow.

Label: Secret Voice SV08
Year of release: 2014

01. Mask
02. Aria

01. Dwell

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