Sunday, 12 October 2014

Cocteau Twins - Treasure [12", LP]

Last year i was in Athens, Greece for a few days. Not so many second-hand record shops there that had "my kind of music" in the crates, but in some alley in the old centre i came across a hidden shop that had this Greek pressing of TREASURE by the COCTEAU TWINS. The condition of the sleeve could've been better, but the vinyl itself is in good condition and the Greek letters on the sleeve make it extra special.
And i didn't only find this album, but also a 12" by My Bloody Valentine that was still missing in my collection at that point.

Treasure is a great album. It's not my favourite Cocteau Twins release (that has to be Heaven Or Las Vegas) but still it's one that i play pretty often these days. Lorelei is actually one of my favourite CT songs. Bought a reissue of this album on heavyweight vinyl earlier this year. Sounds better, but this Greek original copy from 1985 is more dear to me.

Label: 4AD / PolyGram Greece 58017
Year of release: 1985

01. Ivo
02. Lorelei
03. Beatrix
04. Persephone
05. Pandora

01. Amelia
02. Aloysius
03. Cicely
04. Otterley
05. Donimo

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