Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sleepy Sun - Embrace [12", LP]

SLEEPY SUN's debut album EMBRACE is one of my favourite albums from 2009 (and my favourite Sleepy Sun album in general). It has a lot to do with the fact that i saw the band live at an ATP Festival that year and they were really, really good. I think White Dove is the best song on this album, with a very strong riff. Too bad that nowadays they don't have a female singer in the band, because Rachel Fannan really added something back then. Although i must say i was happily surprised when i heard this year's Spine Hits album (the first one without her), as i wrote earlier.

Label: ATP Recordings ATPRLP33           
Year of release: 2009

01. New Age
02. Lord
03. Red/Black
04. Sleepy Son

01. Golden Artifact
02. White Dove
03. Snow Goddess
04. Duet With The Northern Sky

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