Monday, 17 December 2012

Melody's Echo Chamber - Melody's Echo Chamber [12", LP]

One of my favourite albums of this year. Melody Prochet and Kevin Parker from Tame Impala (who produced the album and played bass and drums on it) did a mighty fine job. MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER is the perfect mix of (French) seventies pop music and fuzzy retro rock of the kind that Kevin's band plays. Especially the song Crystallized could've been on Tame Impala's new Lonerism album without any problem. What's really cool is that besides a free download and a poster, the LP also includes a t-shirt transfer so you can make your own band shirt. First time i've seen that.

Label: Weird World Record Co. WEIRD019LP
Year of release: 2012

01. I Follow You
02. Crystallized
03. You Won't Be Missing That Part Of Me
04. Some Time Alone, Alone
05. Bisou Magique

01. Endless Shore
02. Quand Tu Vas Rentrer?
03. Mount Hopeless
04. Snowcapped Andes Crash
05. Be Proud Of Your Kids

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  1. I didn't get the poster or the t-shirt transfer in my vinyl copy. Gutted. Agree. Great album tho!