Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lush - Single Girl [7"]

Not really high on my wishlist were the singles taken from the Lovelife album by LUSH (this one, Ladykillers and 500). But when i came across all three of them at the record fair in Utrecht some weeks ago - all still sealed, looking great with coloured vinyl in clear pvc sleeves, and for a price that you'd normally pay for a new 7" single anyway - i couldn't resist buying them of course.
The band's sound during the final album before they disbanded after Chris Acland's tragic death, is quite different from the shoegaze they made in the early nineties. SINGLE GIRL is pure indie rock; a catchy uptempo song that was released as the first single of the album in January 1996. Another reason for me to buy these singles was the B-sides; all three have non-album tracks that i hadn't heard before. Sweetie is a nice tune but nothing really special. So no surprises here. But cool to be able to getting closer to completing my Lush collection this way.

Label: 4AD AD 6001
Year of release: 1996

01. Single Girl

01. Sweetie

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