Friday, 30 March 2012

My Bloody Valentine - This Is Your Bloody Valentine [12", LP, Unofficial]

Originally released in 1985 on a label called Tycoon Records, this is MY BLOODY VALENTINE's first record. It was reissued on Dossier Records in 1990, but after that many times bootlegged. This is a counterfeit version of that Dossier release, and to be honest i only bought it to have a physical copy of these songs. The music can't be compared to MBV's later work. This is post-punk goth rock pur sang, and not exactly my cup of tea. The songs are pretty incoherent as well. Oh and they had a singer back then, by the way: some guy called Dave Conway. Last but not least, Colm's last name Ó Cíosóig is spelled as Cusack on the sleeve. Weirdness.

Label: Dossier Records [fake] EFA 15751-O6
Year of release: 1990 [original version; this one = unknown]

01. Forever And Again
02. Homelovin' Guy
03. Don't Cramp My Style
04. Tiger In My Tank

01. The Love Gang
02. Inferno
03. The Last Supper

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