Saturday, 11 June 2016

Aiming For Enrike - Segway Nation [12", LP]

Earlier this week i was in Oslo for a few days, and i went to a Lee Ranaldo concert while i was there. One of the support acts was a local band called AIMING FOR ENRIKE. Never heard of them before, but i liked them so much that after the show i decided to buy their album SEGWAY NATION, that had just been released about a month ago. It's apparently their second album. The band consists of only two people: a drummer (who also plays in the Norwegian "blackjazz" band Shining) and a guitar player (who plays in indie pop band Acres Wild). The music they make is instrumental, progressive, very rhythmic, mathematic, funky and jazzy. Pretty crazy stuff. The most accessible parts remind me a bit of Battles. The drummer is fantastic and the guitar player is all over the place with his loops and effect pedals, which are controlled both by his feet and hands. Really impressive how they pulled this off on stage. One of my favourite songs on this album is Billion Year Contract. I rarely post YouTube links on this blog, but this is something you should check out.

Label: Name Music NAME12LP
Year of release: 2016

01. Newspeak
02. Riget
03. Mad Driver
04. Billion Year Contract
05. Minitrue
06. Ushikawa

01. Now Watch This Drive
02. Necrocratic Republic
03. Phonephobia
04. Segway Nation
05. Almost All Of Them
06. Nakata Johnny Walker

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