Sunday, 1 May 2016

Lush - Origami [12", Boxset]

The best Record Store Day release this year was without doubt the ORIGAMI 5LP boxset by LUSH. It combines their 3 albums (Spooky, Split and Lovelife) with Gala, their early EP compilation, and Topolino, which was a Japan/Canada-only compilation that had only been released on CD so far. I've been waiting for reissues of their albums for a long time, so this is more or less a little dream come true :)
The artwork looks great. It's pretty similar to the artwork of Chorus, a 5CD box that came out some months ago and that features these same 5 releases with extra tracks on each disc.
The box is packed in a white cardboard protective box:

The first LP, Gala, is a compilation of their earliest EP's. From the 3 out of 5 of these LP's in the boxset that i have an original version of, this one comes closest to the original. The labels are identical and so is the outer artwork plus the inner sleeve. The only difference is that the 1990 version had two inner sleeves, and this reissue is on clear vinyl.

The second one, Spooky, i can't really compare with the original 12" edition since i don't own a copy of that version. I just have the 2x10" version (which i think is much cooler actually), and that looks quite different. But from what i know, the standard 12" edition looks pretty similar to this reissue. Except for that this one's on grey vinyl.

Split is an album i've had on my wantlist for years, but i never managed to score a vinyl copy. So i'm extremely happy to finally have it now, as a part of this boxset. It's on red vinyl.

Lovelife, the fourth LP in the box, was originally out on clear vinyl in a see-through sleeve. For this boxset they reproduced it on pink vinyl, and made a brand new white sleeve that has the original artwork centered on the front, and pictures from the CD booklet on the back. The original label was the same picture that's now on the back, while they used the picture from the label of the Single Girl single for this reissue. I didn't have a copy of the original until the very Sunday after RSD16, so in the same weekend i actually scored 2 versions of this album. Pretty cool.

The fifth and last LP in the box is Topolino, which never came out on vinyl before. It's on yellow vinyl, and the artwork of the sleeve is pretty similar to the boxset's version of Lovelife: a white sleeve and some pictures positioned in the same way. Which makes sense in a way, because it's of course mostly B-sides from the singles from that album. The label on the record comes from the cd-maxi version of the 500 (Shake Baby Shake) single.

The boxset is limited to 2000 copies worldwide, and i'm extremely happy i managed to score a copy.

Label: 4AD
Year of release: 2016 LUSH BOX 2

GALA: CAD 3606

01. Sweetness And Light
02. Sunbathing
03. Breeze
04. De-Luxe
05. Leaves Me Cold
06. Downer
07. Thoughtforms

01. Baby Talk
02. Thoughtforms
03. Scarlet
04. Bitter
05. Second Sight
06. Etheriel
07. Hey Hey Helen
08. Scarlet


01. Stray
02. Nothing Natural
03. Tiny Smiles
04. Covert
05. Ocean
06. For Love

01. Superblast
02. Untogether
03. Fantasy
04. Take
05. Laura
06. Monochrome


01. Light From A Dead Star
02. Kiss Chase
03. Blackout
04. Hypocrite
05. Lovelife
06. Desire Lines
07. The Invisible Man

01. Undertow
02. Never-Never
03. Lit Up
04. Starlust
05. When I Die


01. Ladykillers
02. Heavenly Nobodies
03. 500
04. I've Been Here Before
05. Papasan
06. Single Girl

01. Ciao!
02. Tralala
03. Last Night
04. Runaway
05. The Childcatcher
06. Olympia


01. 500 (Shake Baby Shake)
02. I Have The Moon
03. Ex
04. I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
05. Matador
06. Outside World

01. I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
02. Carmen
03. Shut Up
04. Cul De Sac
05. Demystification
06. Tinkerbell

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