Monday, 9 May 2016

Bowery Electric - Beat [12", 2LP]

BEAT by BOWERY ELECTRIC has been on the top of my wantlist for quite a long time. I never managed to find a copy in good condition for a decent price online, and in stores or at record fairs i never even came across a single copy for some strange reason. I already had the self-titled debut in my collection for some time, but Beat seemed impossible to find. Recently i got lucky on Discogs though: except for a seam split on top of the sleeve, the artwork is fine - and most importantly the discs themselves are in perfect condition. And all of that for a very fair price.
I just love this album. From the opening title track, with its loops of crispy vinyl ticks, to the ambient drone tunes that close the album, it's one big trip. Trip hop / hip hop beats and shoegaze guitars, with soothing vocals that say things like "Words are just noise, words are only noise", "Close your eyes, we're coming down" and "We all get used to dreams that used to please". The album was released in 1997, quite a few years after the heydays of shoegaze, but has been clearly influenced by some of the genre's biggest names. One of my favourite tracks is Black Light, that reminds me a lot of Slowdive. Empty Words and Fear Of Flying have borrowed more of My Bloody Valentine. Anyway i'm extremely happy i could add this gem to my collection recently. One less title on my vinyl bucket-list ;)

Label: Beggar's Banquet BBQLP 188
Year of release: 1997

01. Beat
02. Without Stopping
03. Under The Sun
04. Fear Of Flying
05. Looped

01. Empty Words
02. Black Light
03. Inside Out
04. Coming Down

01. Postscript

01. Low Density

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