Sunday, 10 April 2016

David Bowie - Scary Monsters [12", LP]

Today it's been exactly three months since DAVID BOWIE passed away.

SCARY MONSTERS has always been one of my favourite Bowie albums. It's actually hard to say which of his albums is really my favourite, since they are so diverse. Sometimes i'm simply more in a Ziggy glamrock mood, while some other time i am more in an experimental  Berlin '77-era  mood. Scary Monsters however is an album that i can always listen to. I won't write a complete review here of the album because Bowie's albums have been thoroughly reviewed over the years. As for the songs: Fashion always was one of my all-time favourite Bowie tunes, with Robert Fripp's signature guitar playing. He sure knows how to play his instrument. The title track is brillant as well, by the way.
Furthermore i like the album's artwork a lot. The costume Bowie's wearing on the sleeve was also featured in the Ashes To Ashes video, when he's walking on the beach dressed as a clown. It was funny to see the thing with my own eyes some time ago at the David Bowie Is exhibition in Groningen.

Label: RCA
Year of release: 1980 PL1364-7

01. It's No Game (No.1)
02. Up The Hill Backwards
03. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
04. Ashes To Ashes
05. Fashion

01. Teenage Wildlife
02. Scream Like  Baby
03. Kingdom Come
04. Because You're Young
05. It's No Game (No. 2) 

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