Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pale Saints - Barging Into The Presence Of God [12"]

Came across this 12" EP by the PALE SAINTS recently. Sight Of You (on the A-side of this BARGING INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD EP) was a single taken from The Comforts Of Madness album. A pleasant song; a bit in the vein of The La's with a sing-along chorus. She Rides The Waves on the other side is a lot noisier, and my favourite song on this EP. Mother Might is a sad and slow song with a very irritating guitar (?) sound throughout the whole song, which kinda ruins it for me. A typical B-side song, i guess. But overall a pretty cool EP.

Label: 4AD
Year of release: 1989 BAD910

01. Sight Of You

01. She Rides The Waves
02. Mother Might

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