Saturday, 30 January 2016

Brian Eno - Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks [12", LP]

I've been playing this APOLLO: ATMOSPHERES & SOUNDTRACKS album by BRIAN ENO really a lot over the past weeks. It's always been one of my favourite Eno albums, but i found it very hard to get my hands on a copy on vinyl. A few weeks ago i did, and since then it's been on heavy rotation. Eno's younger brother ROGER ENO and DANIEL LANOIS collaborated with him on this project, which was inspired by the Apollo moon missions. The result is a beautiful serene, ethereal, and sometimes a bit eerie and spooky ambient album. If you close your eyes and imagine yourself floating in space, this is the perfect soundtrack. Since it's such quiet music, it's important that your vinyl copy is in perfect condition - and mine is, fortunately. My favourite track of the album is without doubt the astonishing An Ending (Ascent). I learned it's a popular "funeral tune" these days, and that doesn't really surprise me, but i'm not loving it less because of that. It's simply other-worldly.
Fun fact: Slowdive always have a tape playing with Deep Blue Day before they go on stage, and And Ending (Ascent) when their show is over. It makes their wonderful live shows complete.

Label: EG 813 535-1
Year of release: 1983

01. Under Stars
02. The Secret Place
03. Matta
04. Signals
05. An Ending (Ascent)
06. Under Stars II
07. Drift

01. Silver Morning
02. Deep Blue Day
03. Weightless
04. Always Returning
05. Stars

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