Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust [12", LP]

LUST LUST LUST is the third album by THE RAVEONETTES, and still one of my favourites by this Danish duo. Dead Sound is such a great tune for example; probably even #1 if i'd have to come up with a top 10 of Raveonettes songs. Also the sad but wonderful With My Eyes Closed and the noisy eruptions of opening song Aly, Walk With Me are some of the album's highlights. Overall, it's way less poppy than its predecessor Pretty In Black, and goes more back to their rawer sound on the Whip It On EP and the Chain Gang Of Love album (except for that it's not just written in only one key, like those two releases were). The version i have includes 3D glasses that can be used to look at the inner sleeve, so that the lyrics are floating over Sharin's and Sune's portraits. The album cover suggests 3D art as well, but that's not the case. Looking at it through those glasses only causes a headache;)

Label: Fierce Panda Records NONG53LP
Year of release: 2008

01. Aly, Walk With Me
02. Hallucinations
03. Lust
04. Dead Sound
05. Black Satin
06. Blush
07. Expelled From Love

01. My Heartbeat's Dying
02. You Want The Candy
03. Blitzed [misspelled as "Blized" on the back of the sleeve]
04. Sad Transmission
05. With My Eyes Closed
06. The Beat Dies

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