Sunday, 15 March 2015

Space Siren / Wolvon / Zea - Songs For A Dead Pilot [2x7"]

This SONGS FOR A DEAD PILOT double 7" contains the last two songs that SPACE SIREN, a noise/shoegaze band from Voorhout in the west of Holland, ever recorded. Late 2014 the band announced that founding member, guitarist and producer Corno Zwetsloot suffered from cancer: he sadly died only just over a month later. Song For A Dead Pilot (a furious noise tune) and Zachies (a gentle dissonant gem) were recorded during that last month of his life and now will remain a remembrance of Corno; a final farewell of a great musician who played an important role in the Dutch underground music scene. He recorded and produced many up and coming young bands in his Next To Jaap studios, and released some of them on his Katzwijm record label. With his death, Space Siren ended as well. It was decided to release these last two songs in a double 7" package, the second 7" being a split by WOLVON and ZEA, two acts that Corno worked with. They both cover a Space Siren song for this special occasion.

Wolvon covers the song (wrong), originally appearing on Space Sirens Double 7" released in 2010. A great version of the song, and in general Wolvon is a band you should check out in case they play a city near you. They put on a really intense live show and are one of Holland's best kept secrets when it comes to noise and indie rock.

Zea, which is a one-man project by Arnold de Boer (probably better known for his singing and guitar duties for The Ex), delivers a fabulous, rather electronic version of Who Makes Me Try?. The song originally appeared on Space Siren's first full length, Mr. Wagner, Please Give Us A Call from 2012.
This double 7" set is not only a worthy goodbye to Corno, but also a fine taste of Dutch underground noise rock.

Label: Katzwijm Records, Makkum Records, Subroutine Records KZ013, MR14, SR063
Year of release: 2015

01. SPACE SIREN - Song For A Dead Pilot

01. SPACE SIREN - Zachies

01. WOLVON - (wrong)

01. ZEA - Who Makes Me Try?

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