Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Raveonettes - Pe'Ahi [12", LP]

Maybe i hadn't been really paying attention, but this new album by THE RAVEONETTES came a bit as a surprise to me a few weeks ago. A pleasant surprise i must say, because this band had steadily become one of my current favourites. And despite the fact that this new album is quite different than anything they ever did before, i really like it. Musically it's more diverse and complex, and they use a huge range of instruments. A song like Kill! could've easily been a Primal Scream song in its structure, with the beats and noise. Favourite tracks at this point: Sisters and Summer Ends. Oh, PE'AHI is named after a famous surf spot on Hawaii, in case you wonder where they'd get such a title from. By now i still have not been able to see them play live, and they are really high on my wishlist for bands to check out whenever they'd play near me.

Label: Beat Dies Records RAV-00004-1
Year of release: 2014

01. Endless Sleeper
02. Sisters
03. Killer In The Streets
04. Wake Me Up
05. Z-Boys

01. A Hell Below
02. The Rains Of May
03. Kill!
04. When Night Is Almost Done
05. Summer Ends

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