Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fujiya & Miyagi - Artificial Sweeteners [12", LP]

Before getting to the music of this album, i need to say that i've rarely seen any artwork and vinyl colours matching as well like they do on this LP. It looks like the dripping paint (or melted lollipops?) have reached the disc, which is clear vinyl with yellow, red and blue splatters. Pretty cool. FUJIYA & MIYAGI are not a Japanese duo as their name might suggest, but an English band from Brighton - however they started as a duo indeed. I like them a lot for already quite some years now, but somehow i've never bought anything of them on vinyl, until a few months ago when they released their new album ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. And i just love it. Catchy electronic tunes with clear influences from krautrock acts such as Neu! and Can. I think i need to be hunting down their previous stuff on vinyl as well. Actually their Ankle Injuries 10" from 2006 is something that's high on my wishlist for quite some time already. Hopefully it will be appearing on this blog at some point ;)

Label: Yep Roc Records YEP-2379
Year of release: 2014

01. Flaws
02. Acid To My Alkaline
03. Rayleigh Scattering
04. Artificial Sweeteners
05. Little Stabs At Happiness

01. Tetrahydrofolic Acid
02. Daggers
03. Vagaries Of Fashion
04. A Sea Ringed With Visions

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