Friday, 30 May 2014

Various Artists - Lonely Is An Eyesore [12", LP]

Yesterday i wrote something about the classic Doing It For The Kids compilation album on Creation Records. This compilation on 4AD has a similar status: LONELY IS AN EYESORE is probably the most famous 4AD compilation album. There were 3 versions on vinyl released: an extremely limited wooden boxset (only 100 copies made), a limited deluxe version with extra artwork and a regular version. This is the last one, although it is the first pressing with a 3-panel innersleeve. Later pressings had simple innersleeves. Nearly all songs were recorded for this compilation, and also nearly all of them were recorded and/or mixed at the Blackwing Studios in London.
I found this LP while i was in London two weeks ago. It was reasonably priced and in perfect condition so i didn't have to think twice before i bought it. But the real coincidence is that i had visited the building where Blackwing was located only a few hours earlier. Besides visiting some record stores, i wanted to do some "alternative sightseeing" and since i'm not too much of a Beatles fan, Abbey Road wasn't on my list. So besides Ziggy Stardust's Heddon Street i chose to visit this location on the south bank of the Thames, in Southwark on the corner of Pepper Street and Copperfield Street, to be precise. I had only learned about this studio a few months ago, when i came across a Wikipedia page about it. This is a picture i made of how the building looks right now:

It's absolutely crazy how many masterpieces were (partly) recorded or mixed here. Some of these albums i rank amongst my favourite albums ever. Most notably Loveless by My Bloody Valentine and Nowhere by Ride (plus their Play and Fall EP's) but what about Trompe Le Monde by the Pixies, The Comforts Of Madness and In Ribbons by Pale Saints, It'll End In Tears and Blood by This Mortal Coil, Garlands by Cocteau Twins, the s/t album by Dead Can Dance, Peng! and Emperor Tomato Ketchup by Stereolab, Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails, the Scar EP by Lush, and an enormous amount of albums and singles by Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, Yazoo, Erasure and more.
Just check this list at Discogs.
Back to this compilation; it's a very nice overview of 4AD in the late 80's. The usual suspects are there (Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Clan Of Xymox) but also Throwing Muses who had just signed to the label when this came out. The Cocteau Twins track is brilliant and also i like the Dif Juz track a lot; i wasn't very familiar with them. A great find!

Label: 4AD CAD 703
Year of release: 1987

01. COLOURBOX - Hot Doggie
02. THIS MORTAL COIL - Acid, Bitter And Sad
05. DEAD CAN DANCE - Frontier

01. COCTEAU TWINS - Crushed
02. DIF JUZ - No Motion
03. CLAN OF XYMOX - Muscoviet Mosquito
04. DEAD CAN DANCE - The Protagonist

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