Sunday, 27 April 2014

Curve - Blackerthreetrackertwo EP [12", Promo]

The BLACKERTHREETRACKERTWO EP by CURVE features the opening track for the Cuckoo album, Missing Link, in an industrial remixed version by Flood and Trent Reznor. The other two songs are remixes as well. The Headspace mix of Rising is a triphop version by Future Sound Of London, while the Honey Tongue Mix of Half The Time is a house tune, done by Drum Club. I have no idea where the original versions of these last two songs can be found actually: perhaps they even don't exist.
This is the alternative edition of the regular Blackerthreetracker EP by the way, which has the album version of Missing Link and two other songs. I don't have that one (yet). I'm never a really big fan of remixes and this is no exception to that really, but it's nice to have this EP just to add to my Curve collection.

Label: Anxious Records ANX T DJ 142
Year of release: 1993

01. Missing Link (Screaming Bird Mix)

01. Rising (Headspace Mix)
02. Half The Time (Honey Tongue Mix)

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