Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Bleach - Killing Time [12", LP]

This KILLING TIME LP by the band BLEACH was a pleasant (and cheap) find at last year's spring record fair in Utrecht. Until then, i only had their Snag EP in my collection. And just like that 12", this LP was something i came across by coincidence. This time i was a bit more aware of course that Bleach was actually a pretty cool band, so i was curious how this LP would sound. And i must say i wasn't disappointed at all. Ten amazing songs, of which Trip & Slide and especially Surround have become my favourites. If you don't know Bleach, but do like bands such as Sugar, Adorable or Swervedriver and could imagine them with female vocals, you should definitely check them out. You won't be let down.
By the way, where the Snag EP had a side 3 and 4, this album has a side 7 and 8. Probably they continued counting the side numbers with every new release. Funny.

Label: Musidisc 109011
Year of release: 1992

01. First
02. Headless
03. Push
04. Paint My Face
05. Friends

01. Fall
02. Trip & Slide
03. Shotgun
04. Surround
05. Tangle

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