Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Telescopes - The Perfect Needle [12"]

This THE PERFECT NEEDLE EP is one of the earliest releases of THE TELESCOPES. They had two 7"es and a flexi split with Loop on Cheree Records, before their debut full length Taste and this EP came out on What Goes On Records. After the bankruptcy of that label they signed to Creation, and their sound became more laidback and mellow. This however is pretty harsh noisy psychedelic stuff. Clearly influenced by the likes of Velvet Underground, Suicide and the Jesus And Mary Chain. Sadness Pale, on its turn, sounds like a blueprint for the kind of music A Place To Bury Strangers makes these days. Even though i like their Creation stuff better, i'm happy i came across this release a few weeks ago.

Label: What Goes On Records What Goes 15T
Year of release: 1989

01. The Perfect Needle
02. Sadness Pale

01. S.H.C. Burn
02. You Can Not Be Sure
03. [unlisted bonus track]


  1. This was the first Telescopes vinyl I bought after Melody Maker made it 'Single of the Week'. They had 3 releases on Cheree prior to this: "Forever Close Your Eyes" / Loop "Soundhead (Live)" [7" flexi]; "Kick the Wall" [7"] and "7th# Disaster" [12"]. They're still a great band now.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Markos. Indeed there was the flexi with Loop. Now adjusted.
      And yes, they're still great!

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