Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hollow Sunshine - Bring Gold [12", LP]

By coincidence i came across HOLLOW SUNSHINE somewhere on the internet last month and i liked what i heard so much that i decided to order this BRING GOLD album, which was released in summer. It sounds a bit like a mix between Jesu, Nadja and Nothing: generally slow-paced, fuzzy distorted shoegaze with post/sludgemetal influences. Good stuff, but not groundbreaking or anything. My favourite track would be opener Coral, which is also the one that caught my attention online. I've got the "milky clear" edition, of which there were 400 made. There's also an edition of 200 on "black haze & cloudy clear" out there.

Label: Iron Pier IRP15
Year of release: 2015

01. Coral
02. Bring Gold
03. Careful Travel
04. Last Chamber

01. Firmament
02. Morning Green
03. On A Balance
04. Companion

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