Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Swervedriver - Space Travel, Rock 'N' Roll [12"]

This SPACE TRAVEL, ROCK 'N' ROLL EP was released in 1998 and lifted from SWERVEDRIVER's 4th album 99th Dream. The title of the EP came from some of the lyrics of the title song of that album (and opening song of this EP). I must admit i don't even own the album; i never saw it anywhere in the shops back in the days and kind of lost track of the band after their 3rd album Ejector Seat Reservation. That's not really surprising though, because the album was supposed to be released on Geffen first, but then the band got dropped before it even got a release. Which resulted in the album being in limbo for nearly a year, until indie label Zero Hour picked them up and released it after all. It just never got the same exposure the other albums had. The songs on this EP are also not really the strongest i've heard by them, but still it's a solid EP and i'm happy i bumped into it last week.

Label: Sonic Wave Discs SWD098EP
Year of release: 1998

01. 99th Dream
02. Good Ships

01. Hate Yr Kind
02. Stimulini

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