Monday, 6 July 2015

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe - I Declare Nothing [12", LP]

When i wrote about their RSD release some months ago, i already mentioned that TESS PARKS and ANTON NEWCOMBE would release a full length later on. So here it is. Both songs of the RSD 10" (Cocaine Cat and Mama) are featured on this album, and 8 other songs in the same vein. I find it hard to choose a favourite one because i think they're simply all great. Listening to I DECLARE NOTHING is like a 40 minute trip, and certainly not a bad one. Tess' husky vocals go extremely well with the duo's music. It's not only a humble gesture of Anton to let just her pretty face grace the front cover of the album, but also a smart move because, hey... she's ten times better to look at. No offense, mr. Newcombe ;) It's a damn shame i can't make it to any of their shows in a few weeks when they end their tour in Holland, but hopefully i'll get a second chance some day.

Label: A Records AUK120LP
Year of release: 2015

01. Wehmut
02. Cocaine Cat
03. Peace Defrost
04. German Tangerine
05. Gone

01. October 2nd
02. Mama
03. Voyage De L'Âme
04. Meliorist
05. Friendlies

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