Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cheatahs - 紫 (Murasaki) [12"]

Within reasonably short time, CHEATAHS has become one of my favourite bands. Their debut album is still spinning rounds on my record player quite often, and so is their previous Sunne EP. Last month came out (pronounced as "murasaki"), and on top of that i had the privilege to finally see them perform live. It was at the Best Kept Secret festival last weekend, and it was an amazing show. These guys produce such a glorious wall of sound. Made some pics; they can be found here
Back to this EP: it has 4 tracks, of which the title track is definitely my favourite. But also Wash Out is awesome. With the song 3D Milk they are pushing new boundaries, with a repetitive beat on the background. The first time i heard this song, i got flashbacks from when i first heard the last 3 songs of the latest MBV album. Progressive, definitely different than they've done before, but foremost and certainly: quality stuff. I like it when bands discover new grounds. 
The band's bass player Dean was kind enough to give me a setlist after the show and he told me that they hope to be back later this year for a club tour. Damn sure i will be there. A band like Cheatahs can be best seen in a small venue, and obviously they'll be playing a bit longer then as well. So i'll be keeping an eye on their concerts list, and i'd advise anybody else to do that as well. Cheatahs is a band to watch!

Label: Wichita WEBB438T
Year of release: 2015

01. 紫 
02. Warm Palms

01. 3D Milk
02. Wash Out

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