Monday, 18 May 2015

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - 1992 The Love Album [12", LP]

I used to have this album by CARTER THE UNSTOPPABLE SEX MACHINE as a cassette tape, which i bought in Turkey (!) on summer holiday in the year it came out. Played it until it got all stuck in my cassette deck at some point a few years later, and strangely enough i'd almost forgotten about how genius it is until i discovered it recently at the Utrecht record fair. So for the past few weeks, it's been spinning a lot on my record player. 1992 THE LOVE ALBUM is a trip down memory lane for me and i was completely surprised that i could sing along most of the cynical and witty lyrics of these bombastic electronic punky songs after 20+ years. Even though a couple of my mates are big fans I must shamefully admit i never bothered to check out Carter's other albums. So besides a few singles like "Sheriff Fatman" and "Bloodsport For All" i don't know much other music of this band. I think that needs to change soon; better late than never.

Label: Chrysalis CHR 1946
Year of release: 1992

01. 1993
02. Is Wrestling Fixed?
03. The Only Living Boy In New Cross
04. Suppose You Gave A Funeral And Nobody Came
05. England

01. Do Re Me, So Far So Good
02. Look Mum, No Hands!
03. While You Were Out
04. Skywest And Crooked
05. The Impossible Dream

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