Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Soundtrack - Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence [12", LP]

The soundtrack for MERRY CHRISTMAS, MR. LAWRENCE is one of the first soundtracks i ever bought. On CD, that is.This vinyl edition i only bought this year, in May at Camden Market to be precise. It didn't cost much and i had been looking for it for a while because i wanted to have that great song Forbidden Colours on vinyl. So now i have it. Obviously this was the first time for me as a young David Bowie fan back in 1983 to get to know both Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian. Bowie, pictured on the sleeve but furthermore not involved with this soundtrack, was of course the reason for me to see the movie and buy the soundtrack. I bought some other Sakamoto stuff later on, and i do like his soundtrack for The Last Emperor especially, but David Sylvian as an artist was -and is- more my kind of thing. So i started to discover his work with Japan, and also his later solo releases. Brilliant stuff of course. Sylvian has such a great voice. Oh, and it was even so that i had the book that this movie was based upon, The Seed And The Sower by the South African writer sir Laurens Van Der Post, on my books list for English at highschool. Anyway, a great soundtrack for one of the best movies i think Bowie has ever played in.

Label: Virgin
Cat.nr.: V2276
Year of release: 1983

01. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
02. Batavia
03. Germination
04. A Hearty Breakfast
05. Before The War
06. The Seed And The Sower
07. A Brief Encounter
08. Ride Ride Ride (Celliers' Brother's Song)
09. The Fight

01. Father Christmas
02. Dismissed!
03. Assembly
04. Beyond Reason
05. Sowing The Seed
06. 23rd Psalm
07. Last Regrets
08. Ride Ride Ride (Reprise)
09. The Seed
10. Forbidden Colours

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