Sunday, 6 July 2014

Adorable - Against Perfection [12", LP]

I've been looking for a vinyl version of AGAINST PERFECTION for a very long time already. Back in the early nineties there was this local club where they had indie dance nights, and the song Homeboy was played regularly. I remember ordering the CD at the local record shop. It was a pretty expensive UK import album, but i just needed to have it, if only for that song. And I still have it, but during the past few years i really wanted to have a vinyl edition as well of this excellent ADORABLE album. So far i only managed to get hold of two maxi's from songs of this album: Sistine Chapel Ceiling and Favourite Fallen Idol. The album itself is pretty much impossible to find in record stores, and on the internet the prices are ridiculously high; usually over 45 euro at least. However recently i came across one that was fairly priced. The sleeve is a little scuffed but the record itself is in great condition, so this was my chance. Very happy that i bought it, and finally i can play Homeboy on my record player ;)

Label: Creation Records CRELP 138
Year of release: 1993

01. Glorious
02. Favourite Fallen Idol
03. A To Fade In
04. I Know You Too Well
05. Homeboy

01. Sistine Chapel Ceiling
02. Cut #2
03. Crash Sight
04. Still Life
05. Breathless

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  1. Hi! Nice score! I'm still searching this on vinyl and can't find at a reasonable price. How does it sound? I have 12" Sunshine Smile EP and it is not better than CD. I have also House of Love and Oasis Morning Glory from Creation and only listening to Oasis i can hear a little improvement in contrast to CD. Again "Nowhere" from Ride sounds better on Rhino's vinyl. I wonder if it's worth to spend so much money on a bad sounding LP.