Monday, 14 January 2013

Belly - Seal My Fate [7"]

A completely see-through clear vinyl single by BELLY that i ran into at the latest record fair in Utrecht. Still originally sealed, so that was nice. SEAL MY FATE was taken from the King album, just as the original version of Judas My Heart which can be found here as a live version on the B-side. Broken is not featured on any album. A funny thing about this 7" is that it plays at 45RPM on the A-side, and 33RPM on the B-side. It's a limited numbered edition but i've no idea how many copies were made. At least 2057 because that's the number i have :)

Label: 4AD AD 5007
Year of release: 1995

01. Seal My Fate (Album version)

01. Broken (Previously Unreleased)
02. Judas My Heart (Live)

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